Parking is sometimes a sensitive issue in our city. With the help of everyone, our church strives to be a good neighbour. If you have questions, please ask and allow us to help. Thank you!

    Common Q&A

  1. Where do we park?
    For those with no special needs, please park on the street and allow people with special needs to park in our parking lot.
  2. Are there parking restrictions?
    For safety, our church parking lot is closed when there is no church events. For vehicles parked on street, city regulations (i.e. Street and Traffic Bylaw 2849) are in effect.
  3. What is the “three-hour bylaw”?
    Section 17.6 (f): Between 8:00am and 6:00pm every day, do not park your vehicle for more than 3 hours in front of residential or commercial properties that you do not own or work at.
    The 3-hour bylaw restricts all-day commuter parking to allow daytime access for residents to their homes and for business owners and employees to their workplaces.

    (Please contact the city or see for details)